Skilled Admissions & Cost of Care

Admissions & Cost of Care - Skilled

Covering the cost of care is always a concern. Our highly knowledgeable administrative staff is able to assist you in evaluating your financial options. The most appropriate method of payment will vary depending upon each circumstance.

Funding options include, but may not be limited to:

  • Private payment

  • Private insurance coverage

  • HMOs

  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

You can get a comprehensive list of covered services from our admissions or business office. We will be happy to meet you at any time, give you more information about coverage, funding options and to answer any of your questions.

Standard Skilled Nursing Care:

              Private Room Rate:                                                    $220.00/day

              Deluxe Semi-Private Room Rate (Window):             $195.00/day

Standard Semi-Private Room Rate:                          $185.00/day

 This rate includes nursing care, meals, utilities, activities, social services, medication delivery, cable, bed and bath linens, supplies, maintenance, laundry, and housekeeping services.  Telephone service is available at resident expense.

 Medicare Skilled Nursing Coverage: 

 The Medicare reimbursement rate includes room and board, therapy services, medications, laboratory services, X-rays, and other services while the resident in covered under Medicare Part A.  These services will be billed to Medicare (or the Medicare Advantage /HMO provider) for each resident qualifying for this benefit under the Medicare guidelines.  Billing is not a guarantee of benefits or payment under the Medicare program.  Standard Medicare has a 20% co-payment after the first 20 days.  This will be billed to the secondary insurance company or the resident.  All Medicare Advantage programs have a co-payment that will be billed to the resident.  After the Medicare period ends, the residents transferring to standard skilled nursing coverage will be billed at the rates detailed above.