Assisted Living Admissions & Cost of Care

Admissions & Cost of Care - Assisted Living

Covering the cost of care is always a concern. Our highly knowledgeable administrative staff is able to assist you in evaluating your financial options. The most appropriate method of payment will vary depending upon each circumstance.

Funding options include, but may not be limited to:

  • Private payment

  • Private insurance coverage

  • Medicaid

You can get a comprehensive list of covered services from our admissions or business office. We will be happy to meet you at any time, give you more information about coverage, funding options and to answer any of your questions.

Assisted Living:
      Studio:                         $3,300/month
      Alcove:                        $3,600/month
      One Bedroom:            $3,900/month
      Second Occupant:      $1,000/month

This fee includes room and board, maintenance, housekeeping services, nursing supervision, cable TV, activities, social services, medication management, two showers per week, dressing assistance and linen/towel laundry. Supplies are not included in the cost.  Examples of billable supplies would include incontinent products, bandages, toothpaste, toiletries, face tissues, toilet paper and other personal items.

Additional Assisted Living costs and charges:
      3 or more baths/showers per week  $15/additional bath or shower
      Meal Room Service    $100/month
      Personal Laundry    $100/month
      Specialized Nursing    Priced based on level of care required

Note:  Specialized nursing services include, but are not limited to, Accuchecks, insulin administration, oxygen monitoring, etc.   

There is a $500 deposit on all apartments as well as a $100 deposit for the wireless call pendant. All of the apartments are wired for telephone service.  Private internet and telephone service is available at resident expense.  A public Wi-Fi signal is available throughout the building at no additional charge.