Additional Testimonials

Additional Testimonials

When I was searching for a "home"  for my parents 5 years ago, a good friend suggested that I look at Hillside Village.  At that time, she had a sister in residence there.  As a nurse, I was looking at the facility not only as a daughter, but as a nurse. 

I was impressed on the first visit with the staff and the physical comfort of the surroundings.  Both of my parents, Dr. Bob and Dodie Tanner, and my mother-in-law, Ruth Scott lived at Hillside Village in both areas of assisted living and skilled nursing.  All three were able to live out their days in the presence of a staff who truly cared about them as individuals.  The rural setting provided beauty and peace.  The staff provided activities, comfort, and dignity.  Almost a year after my family is no longer there, I continue to visit, as I have made many friends.  This "home" was the best that I could have provided for my beloved parents.   
Hillside Village, thanks for the treasured memories!
Kay Scott

Dear Mr. Egan,

 We just wanted to take a minute to let you know of our very positive experience...actually, continuing experiences with Hillside Village and its staff.

 I rarely write letters like this, but I felt this situation really merited my time.

 Like a lot of people, we found that there is some complexity in both selecting and arranging for someone to enter into an assisted living facility. From the very start, the staff at Hillside was extremely friendly and accommodating and gave a genuine feeling that they were there to help the potential resident and us; they made the initial processes seem simple and comfortable.

 The one thing that has stood out to us with your staff is that, everybody, literally, all employees, have always been genuinely friendly and obviously try very hard to accommodate (promptly, I might add) all requests from both the resident and the resident's family. Candidly, I cannot recall dealing with any other organization of this size where the entire staff is so customer oriented. Lots of businesses talk about friendly customer service, but at Hillside it is a reality.  Obviously, you and your HR staff do an exceptional job of attracting and getting good people.

 Bottom line:  We are very comfortable and happy with our decision to help our friend choose Hillside Village.  We absolutely would do it again and we know that she is very happy there and enjoys the new friends she has made.  A lot to like!


Jon & Carol Pollock

I have been very satisfied with the care my mother has received at Hillside Village.  The staff and administrators do an excellent job keeping me informed about my mother's health status.  They have not only been caring towards my mother, but have also helped me understand the problems that her illness may cause.  Hillside Village personnel have cared for my mother through rehab assignments, as well as in assisted living and skilled nursing assignments.  I have no qualms about recommending this facility for those who need exceptional care that cannot be provided at home.
Neal Weltha

Hello Mike, 
Everyone who has visited Mom has had a very favorable impression and actually, I think Mom is enjoying herself there in spite of her initial trepidation about moving.  I am more impressed each time I visit and truly appreciate the facility and services you provide. Hillside is a wonderful place and we feel fortunate to have found it. 
Pat Benson


I can't say enough good things about everyone at Hillside. Mom went from not wanting to go (she wanted to go home)  to wanting to get back there when she was in the hospital. I am so proud to have such a great facility staffed with wonderful people in our community. I appreciate everyone for making Mom's last few days here on earth comfortable and pampered. 
Sara Ritter

Please note that I am making these comments because they are justly earned.      My mother, who is now 93 yrs old, has been residing at Hillside Village for the past 3-4 yrs and she has thoroughly enjoyed both the assisted living and the skilled nursing units.    The ownership, management, and staff are so professional, thoughtful (the staff treat the residents as friends and not just as paying customers), and the management/staff follow up on suggestions as they intend that Hillside Village is a high-quality senior housing facility;   the facility is well maintained, periodically upgraded, and mom plus her families or visitors are very proud of Hillside Village;   the food is wholesome and periodically changed/upgraded with the help of residents' comments at the monthly resident meetings;   helpful rehabilitation is done in the skilled nursing unit and many residents improve their health status and move back to the assisted living unit like my mom did;   a physician, who is helpful and caring, makes several visits weekly to assess and prescribe the medical or health needs of the residents;   social, mental, and physical activities follow a busy schedule and residents are encouraged/reminded of when the events are being held;   and remarkably, the owner makes nearly weekly visits to distribute tasty food treats along with her visits to each resident.    Also helpful is how convenient the facility is to Highway 10 or other Kansas City roads.   This concludes my remarks.     
Bill Broddle/Houston, TX  

One of my family members was a resident for 3 1/2 years, starting in Assisted Living and moving to Skilled Nursing as her health deteriorated.  She could be quite demanding, but the staff members were fantastic with her.  Even though they could not meet all her demands, they were always respectful.  Further, all the staff were friendly and kind to me as they helped me cope with her failing health.  I loved the fact that it is a small privately owned facility.  If I ever had any concerns, I did not have to worry about corporate headquarters.  The owner and management are on location, and well aware of everything going on.  Because it is a smaller facility, everyone knew my loved one and me.
Janet  Lake

 Both of my parents moved to Hillside in March of 2012. They were at home there and despite failing health, quickly came to know the staff and their personal stories.  I worked closely with the Hillside staff and learned very early on that their delivery of care and compassion was genuine and heartfelt.  I know my parents sensed the same. 
Mom and Dad had many complicated maladies, but there was never a time when the staff was unable or unwilling to intervene, resulting in timely action and prompt hospitalization for each of them on separate occasions.  While I always felt confident that Mom and Dad were monitored closely for their various treatments and medications, I also observed how tuned in the staff was to their personal interactions with other residents.  Hillside was truly concerned about them as social participants, not just as resident patients. 
Mom passed away in December of 2012 and she was joined by Dad just recently, in June of 2013.  They are together again, as they had been for more than 63 years of marriage.  When they could no longer manage at home, Hillside became their perfect place - providing comfort to them, but perhaps more importantly peace of mind to me, my family and my siblings.
With utmost sincerity,
Tim Hull